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define your strategic sourcing|spend analysis|manage your contracts|manage your suppliers´ relationship|put in place an internal eCommerce|manage your supply chains|manage procurement analytics, budgets per deliverables|eliminate risks|manage inventories|easily create tenders|access to a catalog of quality services at the best price|measure the environmental impacts of your processes

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Central purchasing office for the public and private sectors

Automate and streamline all your procurement processes, from purchasing to payment while managing your environmental footprint.

On this site you will find all the important information about our solution, how we will help you and how your organization will benefit from our solutions. To get started, simply register by following the links. We will take care of the rest and assist you throughout the implementation of the solution for you. It´s free of charge and without risk.
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For suppliersIncrease your visibility and market share by making your products and services available on a global eCommerce platform accessible to many buyers.

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For public organizationsImprove efficiency, ensure legal compliance, reduce your costs and increase transparency in the procurement process.

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For private companiesStreamline your procurement processes, reduce costs, access a wider supplier base, and improve supplier relations.

Every purchase flow is subject to a calculation of CO2 emissions to allow you to measure your impact on the environment. The data provided will enable you to establish a sustainable, ecological and social development plan for the protection of our planet.

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